Gekidol (Dub)

Gekidol (Dub)

Five years ago, a mysterious phenomenon known as the Global Synchronic Urban Disappearance caused a large chunk of Ikebukuro to disappear overnight. Following the catastrophe, the inhabitants found themselves thrown into a state of disorder, and unexplained electromagnetic anomalies called “Auroras” began to be sighted.

Awed by the performance of idol Izumi Hinazaki at a play utilizing the “Super Material Theater,” a stage designed to revitalize Ikebukuro through hologram-enhanced plays, high school student Seria Morino is inspired to become an idol. Shortly afterward, she is scouted by a young woman named Kaoru Sakakibara, who turns out to be the director of Alice in Theater—the troupe that Izumi used to be a part of.

Aiming to pursue her dreams, Seria decides to follow Kaoru and joins Alice in Theater. Upon arriving at their establishment, she is cordially welcomed by a group of young and friendly girls who are all very passionate about acting. However, something seems to be amiss…

Status: Completed
Genre: , ,
Episode: 12

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